What is our trash disposal and recycle schedule?

We are contracted with UWS (Universal Waste Service).  Effective March 1, 2016 the Trash Bins are emptied weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the Recycle Bins are emptied Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

What type of recyclables can we put in the recycle bin?

  1. Aluminum & Metal Cans
    • Aluminum Soda and Beer Cans, Fruit Cans, Vegetable Cans,  Pet Food Cans, Juice Cans, Soup Cans, Sauce Cans, Assorted Food Cans, Metal Hangers
  2. Cardboard & Chipboard
    • Cereal Boxes, Tissue Boxes, Food Boxes, Milk Cartons, Juice Boxes, Soda and Beer Cartons, Egg Cartons (paper fiber), Paper Bags, Cardboard Boxes, Gift Boxes
  3. Newspapers, Magazines, & Mixed Paper
    • Junk Mail, Telephone Books, Catalogs, Computer Paper, Envelopes, Wrapping Paper, Brochures, Crayon Drawings, Office Paper, Copy Paper
  4. Plastic Bottles, Jugs & Jars
    • Plastic Water Bottles, Plastic Soda Bottles, Plastic Milk Jugs, Plastic Laundry Jugs, Shampoo Bottles
  5. Glass Bottles & Glass Jars
    • Juice Bottles, Beer Bottles, Wine Bottles, Liquor Bottles, Baby Food Jars, Condiment Jars, Jam Jars, Jelly Jars, Assorted Food Jars, Salad Dressing Bottles

How much are the monthly HOA dues?

The monthly dues for Drake Village HOA is $250.00 per month, with a 10% late fee of $25.00 if dues are not paid by the 15th of each month, effective April 1, 2019.

What is a “management company,” what do they do and how do I reach them?

Drake Village has retained International Realty, a professional management company, to handle most of the administrative and financial responsibilities of running our homeowners association. International collects monthly association assessments, processes our bills, maintains our books and records, and arranges for contractors when maintenance in the complex is needed. The property manager in charge for Drake Village is Sharon Bonner. All issues pertaining to Drake Village should be directed to her. You can reach her at International Realty, 11215 South Western Avenue, Los Angeles, California, 90047, (323) 754-2818 or sharonb@irandi.com, http://intlrealtyinvestment.com/.

How do I add or change my name or phone number on the front gate call box?

Any name or number changes to the directory listings on the front of the two buildings on Magnolia Avenue should be referred to Sharon Bonner at International Realty. She will in turn notify the resident volunteers who maintain and program the gate entry call boxes.

Does the HOA have pest control maintenance?

Yes, we are contracted with Premium Pest Control (888) 760-7378- www.PremiumTPC.com. Our monthly service includes service to exterior and common areas to control common insect pests such as ants, spiders, crickets, oriental roaches, and earwigs.  Included in the monthly service is up to 2 interior units performed at the same time as the regular service on the 3rd Monday of the month between the hours of 9 am and 12 pm.

Can I pay my HOA dues online?

Yes, you can go to International Realty website and make Online HOA Payments.

Who do I contact if I have a common area maintenance concern?

Report any maintenance issues or problems to International Realty. You can submit a maintenance request online at: Maintenance Request or you can call (323) 754-2818.

Are residents allowed to park behind our individual parking garages?

No, our CC&Rs prohibit any parking in the common areas, which include the underground driveways and the alleyways in back.

I am a new resident how do I obtain a gate opener (transponder)?

Byers and Butler in Long Beach (562) 684-7447 have a record of the gate controllers needed to operate the gates at the end of each underground driveway. Be sure to indicate if you live in the south (units 829 to 853) or north building (units 863 to 889).

How do I obtain a copy of my mailbox key?

Each unit’s owner should have a key to their own mail box. The association does NOT have any keys. If you lose your keys (or were not given them by a previous owner), then you can buy a new lock and key at Home Depot or any other hardware store for a nominal fee. You’ll either have to contact the Post Office or wait for the mail carrier in order to install a new lock.

When are the board meetings and can any resident attend?

Drake Village holds regular HOA meetings bi-monthly on the 3rd Thursday of the month.  All residents are encouraged to attend.

Are residents allowed to install satellite dishes?

No satellite dish should be installed on the roof. Any item installed on the roof must be approved in writing by the HOA. Satellite dishes can be installed over the unit owner’s garage in the back on the fascia or railing of their unit. Installation is not allowed until after the HOA Board has approved location.